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Abrasion Resistant

Abrasion resistant steels are made from iron, carbon and other alloying elements. Abrasion resistant steel is developed specifically for services in harsh conditions. These product are chosen for their long service life and relatively less weight.

Abrasion resistant steels have higher amounts of carbon and other alloying elements such as chromium. Resistance to Abrasion is developed when it undergoes heat treatment. The strong resistance to abrasion helps the steel work effectively in demanding applications such as mining, conveyors, construction and earth moving. Abrasion resistant steel is available commercially in grades like AR200, AR235, AR400, AR400F, AR450, AR450F, AR500, AR500F and AR600. AR200 and AR 235 are used for structural applications, as they provide better strength when compared to other structural steels. AR medium steels are used for moderate level operations. AR400 is known for its strength, whereas AR450 is used for applications that require higher strength in comparison. AR500 is used for applications in truck-trailer industry, mining industry and concrete industry. It has high resistance to impact stress even at low temperatures. It is popularly used for preparing body armour and ballistic plates. AR600 is used for applications that require high strength. Applications using impact or sliding contact with abrasive materials make use of Abrasion resistant steel.