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Manganese Steel

Manganese Steel also known as Mangalloy is a steel with 13% Manganese content. It is widely known for its impact strength and wear-resistance. Mangalloy is non-magnetic steel and has extreme anti-wear properties. The alloying contents of Mangalloy are 0.8-1.25% carbon and 11-15% Manganese. Increase in manganese content allows for increased hardness and ductility. It is also superior to low-carbon steel grades.


Manganese steel is highly resistant to abrasion and can gain three times its surface hardness during impact situations. Impact hardness does not increase its brittleness, which allows to retain its toughness. Mangalloy has fair yield strength and good tensile strength. Manganese Steel is used in many applications such as mining, cement mixing, railway switching and crossing, rock crushers, crawler treads for tractors, and also in high impact environments. The alloy also has high strength at low temperatures, making it useful in cryogenic temperature applications. It is difficult to machine considering its excellent work hardening techniques. The alloy normally requires a special tool for machining, though it can be cut using plasma or laser cutting techniques.

Manganese Steel Pipes