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Silicon Bronze

Silicon is a blue-grey tetravalent metalloid semiconductor. Most of the silicon is used for commercial purposes without being separated and quite often with processing of natural minerals. Whereas, bronze is and alloy made up primarily of copper and 12% tin. Silicon Bronze is a brass alloy with 96% copper. It has low-lead content. Other alloying elements include manganese, iron, tin and zinc. The alloy is well-known for its superior corrosion resistance and easy forming ability.


Its formability has made Silicon Bronze popular in many industries apart from chemical applications for which it was originally produced. Silicon bronze has added strength along with its load bearing properties. This also makes Silicon Bronze useful in aerospace industry for making cages, raceways and spacers. AMS 4616 is a type of silicon bronze with good machinability. Iron is added in addition to the alloying content giving it added strength. It is used in Hollow Conductors, Bus Bars, Bus conductors, vacuum seals, Microwave tubes, Anodes for vacuum, Coaxial cable and more.