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Bauxite imports to China jump by 68.2% in April

Jun 5,2019

It is reported that as per Customs data released earlier this week, imports of bauxite to the Middle Kingdom rose significantly last month, surpassing totals for the previous month and year by double digits. Beijing reported a total of 9.77 million metric tonnes of bauxite ore were shipped into the country last month, besting the prior month’s total by 24.5% and up on the year by a staggering 68.2%.


For the year’s opening four months China imported 35.58 million metric tonnes, better over last year’s first four month’s total by 35.9%.


According to Beijing’s numbers, Guinea led the way as China’s overseas bauxite source, providing the country’s refineries with 17.96 million metric tonnes of the ore, which was 32% more than last year. The period saw increased orders from several of the country’s biggest refiners, including Weiqiao, SPIC Shanxi, Bosai Nanchuan, and Chalco Zhongzhou.


Australia was China’s next-biggest source of the alumina precursor, pitching in another 10.49 million metric tonnes of the ore, up by 16.5%. Indonesia held the third spot, shipping 4.63 million metric tonnes of the ore to Chinese ports last month.


Notably, Indonesia’s contribution to China’s bauxite needs is up dramatically over the past few months due to the government’s relaxation of export restrictions on the ore in the early months of 2017. The country’s shipments in the year’s opening four months grew by 176.4% on the year, pushing its overall total of bauxite shipped to China to 13% of its intake.


Domestically, China mined 35.02 million metric tonnes of bauxite ore for the year through April. Domestic ore suffered and importers benefited in the period due to concerns over ore quality and increased environmental restrictions placed upon producers.


Experts predict a steady demand for overseas bauxite by Chinese refiners, as they say, operations that have scaled back output on environmental concerns are not typically buyers of imported ore.