Century Aluminum Debuts New Line of Low-Carbon Aluminium

Feb 26,2020

The American aluminum smelter Century Aluminum Company has announced the launch of a new low-carbon aluminium made from renewable energy solely.

According to the company, Natur-Al is produced at the company's ASI-certified Noroural Grundartangi facility in Iceland, using 100 percent renewable energy, which releases only one-fourth of the carbon dioxide of the industry standard. Natur-Al produces just 4 metric tons of carbon dioxide per metric ton of primary aluminium, making it one of the lowest carbon footprints for smelted aluminium on Earth.

In the meantime, Natur-Al ZERO is Century's new line of fully offset, carbon-neutral primary aluminium. In addition to being manufactured in a low-carbon system, Natur-Al ZERO offsets its already low-carbon-footprint by contributing to reforestation and wetland-reclamation projects.

Independent third parties monitor all carbon dioxide emissions and facilitate the assessment of the life-cycle of its customers. In particular, Natur-Al Zero is the aluminum product line of the company that is completely offset, pure and carbon-neutral.

Century Aluminum Chief Commercial Officer Ágúst Hafberg said that its new offering is partly a response to the demand for low-carbon raw materials from its customers and the market in general.

“We are very proud to introduce the Natur-Al line of low carbon aluminum. Century Aluminum is committed to work with its customers towards more sustainable and lower carbon products and respond to increased customer demand for responsible aluminum production. Natur-Al enables our customers to significantly reduce or fully offset the carbon footprint of their products.”

Natur-Al is produced entirely at the Norðurál Grundartangi aluminum smelter in Iceland, where its low-carbon manufacturing process is accredited by the Aluminium Stewardship Institute and approved by third-party auditors. Century claims it helps its clients to perform life-cycle evaluations more easily.

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