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Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant Fulfills two third Ferro Alloy requirement of SAIL

Nov 27,2018

Mr. Anil Chaudhary Chairman of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), during his visit to SAIL Chandrapur Ferro-Alloy Plant in Maharashtra, said ‘‘it is time for us to not simply target increasing production capacity however additionally to become independent in terms of input material as well. Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant (CFP) that meets about 400th of SAIL’s manganese ore primarily based Ferro-Alloy demand should raise the assembly to the rated capability, therefore on change SAIL to satisfy two-thirds of its total Ferro-alloy demand. This will not just be a strategic advantage for SAIL; however, will cause higher cost potency.”


Shri Chaudhary said that every unit is very important in reaching the set targets of production and productivity. Elaborating further on this he said, “SAIL is committed to the Ministry of Steel’s target of increasing steel production to three hundred million tonnes by 2030-31 and in the process, it will augment production capacity to fifty million tonnes. Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant must tighten its belt start getting ready currently as a result of this will warrant an inflated demand of ferroalloys and also the unit should be able to undertake such a raised demand in the future.” He further added that the more independent we are in terms of inputs and raw materials, the more can we be able to assert our presence in the market.


Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant is India’s largest and the sole public sector company manufacturing ferroalloys in the country with an installed High Carbon Ferromanganese installed capacity of 190,000 Tonnes p.a. or Silico manganese installed capacity of 130,000 Tonnes p.a. Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant manufactures 3 varieties of Ferroalloy product comprising High Carbon Ferromanganese, Silicomanganese, and Medium Carbon Ferromanganese. Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant, erstwhile Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd. (MEL), amalgamated into SAIL in July 2011. Since then it's been enjoying an important role in meeting the internal needs of ferroalloys in the company.