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China’s net exports of stainless steel in Jan-Apr decline 6 percent on year

May 31,2019

China’s net exports of stainless steel declined 6.13 percent from a year ago to stand at 596,800 million tonnes in the first four months of 2019, lowered by materials from other countries such as Indonesia.


Customs data showed that China exported 298,600 million tonnes of stainless steel in April, up 1.2 percent from March but down 20.59 percent from April 2018. Exports in January-April shrank 22.03 percent year on year and came in at 1.1 million tonnes.


Imports of stainless steel dropped 77.01 percent from a month ago to 47,900 million tonnes in April, with 8.76 percent originating from Indonesia. This was largely lowered by a drop in imports of plate/sheet coils, which shrank 81.36 percent to 24,900 million tonnes.


Imports in January-April amounted to 498,900 million tonnes, down 35.16 percent from the same period last year as fewer Indonesian materials entered China.


Some 259,600 million tonnes of Indonesian stainless steel was imported to China in January-April, down 52 percent year on year. Net exports of stainless steel in April stood 12 percent higher than a year ago, at 250,700 million tonnes.