Production to go up in Vedanta's Lanjigarh Refinery

Mar 18,2020

Vedanta's Lanjigarh Alumina Refinery is likely to record production in the FY20, with overall output projected to rise to 1.8 million tonnes from 1.5 million tonnes in the previous financial year.

The output leap would be backed by a major increase in operational efficiencies, the firm reported in its release on Thursday.

The increase in operational metrics was powered by a 26 percent drop in caustic soda consumption and a 19 percent decline in production costs. The company has achieved a 9 percent decrease in bauxite prices per tonne by selective bauxite sourcing.

Lanjigarh is now listed in the top five alumina refineries worldwide in terms of overall energy consumption, said Anil Agarwal. Carbon content was lowered to 30 percent below the global average of $1,500 per tonne. Lanjigarh is on target to achieve the aluminum cost of production in Q4 2020, it said.

Hindustan Zinc, on the other hand, reported a metal-in-concentrate production of 90,000 tonnes in February, while metal output jumped to 80,000 tonnes for the month. Input costs, minus royalty, plunged below $1,000 per ton in Q4 FY20.

Alongside, the steel business of Electrosteel Steels, which was acquired in 2018, has recorded an improvement in operational performance with Ebitda margins of over $100 per tonne in Q4 FY20.

Electrosteel is expected to achieve the best-ever output of 1.4 million tonnes in the FY20, the company said. In the meantime, Cairn Oil & Gas has effectively extended its facilities to complete capacity in ahead of time.

Vedanta Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Limited, is a diversified natural resource company based in India, South Africa, Namibia and Australia.

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