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Quality control order will soon cover all steel products: Steel Minister

Oct 26,2018

According to Minister for Steel, Chaudhary Birender Singh, The quality control order backed by Bureau of Indian Standards ratings will soon cover all steel products.


Speaking at the first ISA Steel Conclave, Singh said, “16 more steel products have been brought under the ambit of the quality control, taking the percentage of steel products under quality regime to 86%. Our goal of 100% quality in the steel industry is not far now.”


Responding to queries regarding a recent report noting the uncontrolled use of inferior quality Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars, Singh said, “We have introduced Bureau of Indian Standards specifications to cover almost 86% of all steel products. The way things are going these issues will be eliminated soon.”


This report by the First Construction Council had noted that companies which are manufacturing the sub-standard quality of Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars need to rectify it immediately and they should also examine the entire manufacturing method.


According to the report, out of 26 brands which manufacture Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars, 18 brands were found to have a quantity of sulfur and phosphorous than the required quantity for manufacturing the bars of a substandard quality. The finding came out after the council analyzed 66 TMT bar samples which were manufactured by 26 brands.


Pratap Padode, Founder-President, First Construction Council said, “The construction core is being subject to a mockery through the use of inferior quality TMT rebars. Kolkata bridge fall, a foot overbridge collapse and caving-in of a car parking wall in Mumbai indicate that there is an extreme need for good quality raw materials to improve the life of the material.” He said primary manufacturers who make use billets to manufacture the Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars should enhance their capacity.