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Vedanta to Reopen Copper Smelter Thoothukudi

Jan 10,2019

It is reported that the Supreme Court of India cleared the way to reopen Vedanta’s south Indian copper smelter by refusing to stay an order from the country’s environmental court. Aryama Sundaram Vedanta Legal Counsel said “The Supreme Court refused to issue a so-called stay halting the National Green Tribunal’s decision. Additionally, a stay halting an order by the Madras High Court that barred Vedanta from reopening the Thoothukudi smelter until the Madras court hears a case challenging the NGT’s verdict was issued by the Supreme Court.”


Though the court refused to stay the NGT order, the court did admit Tamil Nadu’s appeal before the high court, allowing that case to proceed further, Yogesh Khanna. Mr. Khanna said that "The court will continue to hear the case even though it has not stayed the earlier order by the National Green Tribunal (NGT).”


An order was passed by the Tamil Nadu state government to permanently shut the smelter in May after protests against alleged pollution at the plant in the city of Thoothukudi during which the police killed 13 demonstrators. In December, India`s National Green Tribunal revoked the state decided to shut the plant leading Tamil Nadu to appeal the NGT ruling.