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The high tensile 10.9 bolt are used for various applications and has a broad range of properties and characteristics. The product is in great demand because of its maximum tensile strength and the distribution of the product is done with utmost care. So, if you wish to buy the high tensile 10.9 bolt then read the specifications and grades given below.


The standard hexagon bolt, shoulder bolt, carriage bolt, hub bolt, track shoe bolt, a heavy hex bolt and wheel bolt are some of the bolts that fall under the range of high tensile bolts. The bolt can range from M20 TO M100 diameter which is considered best for manufacturing facilities. DIN EN ISO 4014, IS 1364/ IS 1363, 4017 DIN 931 are some of the known standards.


The grade of high tensile has a range of 8.8, 12.9 and 10.9. The size may range from ¾ “to 3.1/2 “inches. It has finished as zinc plated, plain and hot dip galvanized. The grade 10.9 has quenched and tempered alloy steel and they are widely used depending on the processing equipment. The manufacturer offer High tensile 10.9 bolt to the client with the best quality and it can stand harsh conditions.

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