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A335 P1

Alloy steel A335 P1 pipes have major use in petrochemical, power generating industries and in many other areas. They are used in maximum transportation industry just because of their amazing properties like they have resistance free property, resistance from high temperature, good tensile strength. They are found in many power plants as they have all mandatory features in it.

Alloy steel A335 P1 pipes have the different range of diameters starting from 1/8 DN to 300 DN and if we are talking about their wall thickness then they the range vary from 6 NPS to 65 NPS. Like other pipes, they have to face same test assurance certification tests. These tests are non-destructive, hydro testing and many national and international quality assurances testing to verify this product and quality.

They have longitudinal and transverse nature which make them tension, hardness, bend tests, flattening and many other material tests. They are seamless pipes and available in various size and shapes such as round, rectangular, square, single or double random or in cut length variety. These pipes or tubes have threaded plain or beveled ends and contain 0.05 % carbon in their composition.

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