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A335 P5

Alloy steel A335 P5 pipes are in demand just because of their wide high quality features. They are mainly used in power plants, boilers, nuclear plants and used in many other industries. Their size ranges from 0.5 NB to 36 NB and their wall thickness are of SCH 40, 80, 160 and all other schedules.  These pipes are suitable for flanging, bending, fusion welding and many other properties. They have some amazing features like tensile, hardness, chemical compositions. Every pipe shall be examined by non destructive tests of pipes.


Alloy steel A335 P5 pipes have many types of end connections such as screwed, threaded, bevel plain end connections and with the wide range of types like erw, welded, crw, fabricated, etc. They have various sizes like single or double random and also rich in providing customize length to customers. They are also available in wide range of forms such as square shapes, u type pipes, pan cake coils, coiled tubes, hydraulic tubes and many more. Even, they are widely used in heavy industries such as nuclear power plants, power generating plants, heavy boilers and many other industries.

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