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Gr B6

Alloy steel gr B6 bolts are great in use these days! Their demand has increased because of its use in various application like the milk churns, ore skips, cranes, trusses, etc. Some of the best features offered by this grade are durability, easy to operate and sturdy construction. There are various manufacturers who supply and manufacture this grade of bolts. Now let us know its specification of alloy steel gr B6 bolts.


The bolt is manufactured as per international standards or ASTM. It has length between 3mm-B6 mm and size is M3-M56. Types of this bolt are eye bolts, t bolts, lag bolts, and hex head bolts and so on. Test certificates include raw material certificate, third party inspection and 100 % radiography test. While material undergoes various tests like flattening test, flaring test, harness test, pitting resistance test.


After all this process finally bolts are packed in durable packaging material like pallets, wooden box, packing bags, etc. packing is the important step and it is assured that packed material is delivered safely to its destination. Quality is also maintained when packed properly.

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