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Aluminum 1100 is one of the best types of aluminum. It is non-heat treatable, soft and low strength alloy. The main thing about this alloy is that it has strong corrosion resistance feature. In this alloy no other metals are mixed. It is 100% pure only 1% copper is mixed in it for providing shining. It gains lots of popularity because of its softness and low strength. There is large number of tubes available that has high strength and hardness. But sometimes customers need softness and low strength in their tubes. At this situation, Aluminum 1100 Tubing is a great choice for them.


Reasons to use Aluminum 1100 Tubing:

The important thing about these tubes is that it offers excellent maintaining strength and machinability. It also requires low temperature at the time of preparing it. There is no need to give high temperature to provide shapes and designs. The main applications of Tubing Aluminum 1100 are Heat exchanger fins, Spun hollowware, Giftware, Fin stock, Dials and nameplates and much more. The unique features of these tubes are corrosion resistance, hot and cold forming and much more.

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