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Aluminum 1200 Plates are said to be highly ductile and durable. Their excellent properties have made these plates applicable in various sectors that may be domestic or industrial. They have a high tensile strength with great resisting power against corrosion. These plates are very durable making it very easy to maintain and therefore, they have low maintenance cost as well. The aluminum of this grade is known to be good heat resistors and is tough as well. Despite of having all these properties and characteristics, the best part about Aluminum plates 1200 is that it is very economical when compared to the other alloys having similar strength.


There are many manufacturers, suppliers and stockiest which are providing you with these plates in which ever quantity you wish. Some of the manufacturers will also give you the option of custom made plates. This means that you can decide what thickness, length and width etc you want in your Aluminum 1200 Sheets. These plates are available in following tempers namely O, H18, H16, H22, H24, H0 and H26 having an excellent conductivity and plasticity.

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