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From the name itself, it is clear that these forged fittings are manufactured using aluminum alloy. Aluminum 5083 forged fittings are best quality and grade of fittings that are manufactured at a very high temperature. The raw materials and aluminum are first melted and then cooled down to provide a proper shape to these fittings. These fittings are used in various industries and applications that need support, creep strength and corrosion resistance. Further, these forged fittings are based on national and international standards and specifications that include ASTM, ASME and ANSI standards and specifications. There are several types, size and shapes of fittings available to customers as per their requirement and request.


The manufacturing process involves various manufacturing processes and treatments. The size of these Aluminum 5083 threaded forged fittings varies from ½ NB to 4 NB. The available types and forms are tee, reducers, cross, caps etc. Further, there are various tests done to assure products quality and durability such as mill test, hardness test, and radiography test. Moreover, they are packed in wooden cases or plastic bags to prevent products from damage and rust.

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