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The aluminum Wp5154 pipe fittings are ranging as 90 deg butt-weld elbow, 5D elbow, concentric reducers, nipples, butt weld outlets, unequal tee,  couplings, short 1D radius, degree return bends. These pipe fittings are produced by keeping both international and national standard quality specifications in mind to assure excellent quality of production. The size of pipe fittings is ranging from ½” to 12” nominal bore.  The grades of fittings are B361 WP6061, WP5053, and 5154. The dimensions standards of pipe fittings are ASME B16.9, ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.28 and ANSI B16.28 and MSS-SSP-75.


The producers of pipe fittings are providing NACE MR 0175 certified items. When you buy these pipe fittings through online you will be getting value-added services like special heat treatment, sandblasting, surface treatment, bead blasting, PTFE coating and shot blasting.  


The durability, weldability, formability, resistance to corrosion, rust free etc are making it an ideal choice for various applications. Day by day the buyers of these aluminum 5154 butt weld fittings are increasing just because of high strength, ductile, high tensile strength etc so that it can be easily and effectively used for various engineering and industrial applications in industries globally. To buy it you must find a good seller providing you it at competitive rates.

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