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The aluminum bronze 60800 bolts are the type of bronze that are formed from primary forming and wrought method. These brass bolts are hardened by combining strengthening solid solutions and using precipitation of iron-rich case. They are highly resistant to corrosion and have high strength. Their above layer reacts with the atmospheric oxidants of oxygen which provides a barrier from corrosion. And this is the reason they are resistive to corrosion.


Size and specifications-

They are always available in sizes ranging from ¼” to 2” but could always be altered based on the requirements. The bolts can resist the corrosion, basic and natural salts, atmospheric conditions, damping, and chemical deterioration. The product has to undergo different test such as the heat treatment, annealing, harden, temper and stress relief test that enables its characteristics.

The packaging and distribution also play an important role in serving aluminum-bronze 60800 bolts of the product to the customer and must contain special packaging of the product. The manufacturer keeps all the possible threat in mind and provides well product packaging to the customers.

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