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Aluminium bronze is an unique fastener because; here aluminium is the important alloying metal which is being added to copper rather than standard bronze or brass.  Aluminium Bronze C60800 Stud Bolts are used because of its combination of high strength, corrosion and wear resistance. The reason behind its strength and corrosion ability lies in the fact that it contains high amount of aluminium and iron. These kind of alloys usually consists of 9-12% of aluminium and maximum of 6% of iron and nickel. There are a variety of bolts available in order to suit the different industrial requirements. These stud bolts are being used for so many different purposes and all those are being varied from size to size, dimension to dimension and many more. These can be used to serve multi-purposes. These are resistant to tarnish, has low rates of corrosion in atmospheric conditions and the oxidation rates are low at high temperatures.



 They also exhibit low reactivity with sulfurous compounds and all the other exhaust products of combustion. These are much suited for the areas which need to withstand excellent strength.

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