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The aluminum bronze are used for providing the high strength that too with the excellent corrosion resistance power. It would normally contain the 9 to 12% of aluminum and up to 6% of the iron and nickel. Alloys of this combination would be always harder and it can able to power up your work. It can able to withstand the different type of the climate and give the best support for the door or the furniture’s in which you make use of it with the help of Aluminum bronze C60800 washer


Why you want to make use of the Aluminum bronze C60800 washer? It is because you can able to get them in the different shapes and sizes. Based on the requirement that is needed you can fix them and make use of it. With its help you can able to multiple purpose and mechanical parts are assembled. Some washers that you buy would have the special design that would help for assembling the different parts all together.  It is also used for protecting the surface of the assembled parts as well as it gives grip for the head of bold head being that had been turned during the tightening process.

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