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Aluminium bronze C62300 bolts can be produced in many different variants of regular hex bolts, hex nuts, screws, stud bolts, threaded rods, countersunk screws, hex nuts, plain washer, split lock washers, dowel pins, etc. And they are mainly manufactured in a metric and imperial system.



They are majorly used in technical work or field because their uses are especially in that place. Rather than opting for other grade bolts, if you choose these 90 grades of bolts, so you can complete your any size of the project well. The size in which they are commonly used is 3/8” to 2 ¾ “with bearings and other specifications. It contains only 12% of copper which makes them more effective.


The product of Aluminium bronze C62300 bolts contains high machinability, formability, and weldability that enables it to do its job perfectly and as per the customer requirement. A good surface finish with shortness temperature range brings satisfactory results with minimum dilution rate.

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