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Aluminium Bronze C63000 Bolts is the alloy made product that has an exceptional choice for applications like heavy loads, friction and abrasive corrosion or wear. Nickel is added to make this product strong and tough and due to this, they are high in use in many industries across the globe. Without retreating, its corrosion resistance, toughness as well as ductility features are given by alloy. They are mostly used in strut bearings, pistons, landing gear components and similar important components. These are made using high technology and by designers. And before this, it is specified in different sizes and shapes and appearances too.


They are extremely valuable bolts that are useful. Also, their tone is a warm yellow and that never lose their brightness and ductility. It never gets damaged even under hard condition. Once they get installed, you will not need to give it extra maintenance.  They have the ability to stand at any room temperatures as they are having high tolerance property.


Aluminium Bronze C63000 Bolts are tested under different conditions. They are tested from all the edges such as physical, mechanical and chemical in the laboratory.

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