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Aluminium Bronze C63000 Fasteners are the high strength fasteners which are made using copper and aluminium alloy. This fastener is high in demand because of its features like the toughness, abrasive water, and friction and resistant to corrosion. It also offers better performance in various industrial applications. Mostly it is used in applications including heavy loads. 


These fasteners are greatly used in the industries like the petrochemical industry, marine as well as pharmaceutical sectors, automotive and water processing.  These fasteners come along NACE 3.1 certifications.  Different types of Aluminium Bronze C63000 Fasteners include hexagon nuts, lock nuts, closed nuts, slots nuts and many more.


Fasteners are available in the finishes like the tin plated, silver plated and nickel plated. These fasteners are made to undergo tests like the tensile testing, hardness test, PMI test and many more. The testing is done to ensure that the manufactured product is safe and made as per the demands of the customers or not. If any batch of the fastener fails to pass these tests then they are rejected and again new batch is made. These fasteners are packed in the small boxes, pallets or cartons during the shipping process.

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