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Aluminium bronze C95600 bolts is that class of copper alloy which are based with aluminium as the leading alloying component. The desired quality of these bolts is obtained by the presence of high aluminium along with small components of nickel and zinc which basically are the extra compounds.


The Aluminium bronze C95600 bolts correctly meet client expectation and need that are available in different sizes and shapes on the online sites. The recognized and trusted manufacturer aims to supply and export them with a variety of grades in metric and inch. The bolts are available in various specifications and grades with free machining versions. They are widely used in industries for various purposes and you can buy it from the online sites.


They are available in various forms such as Hex, Threading per gauge, round and Square. The packaging is always done in a manner that no damage is caused to the Aluminium bronze C95600 bolts. And this ensures that no product is defected or damaged. Buy the highest quality bolt from the trusted manufacturers and suppliers and check the details.

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