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The Aluminium Bronze C95600 is a casting type alloy that falls under the Bronzes, copper-Aluminium-iron and copper-Aluminium-nickel-iron alloys because of this class formation materials this alloy is found to have a good strength and corrosion resistance power. The iron metal chemical composition s found to be high in the Aluminium Bronze C95600 washer metal and it has the 75 types of the tensile strength where its minimum value starts from the 60 and this value is fixed standard one.


 The C95600 metals have a good grade of the metal compositions so it can be used in both electrical and industrial areas for gears, valves stems, cable connectors and terminals. Moreover these types of aluminium bronze metal have the casting application specification where this makes the metal to be popular.  The C95600 metal has a high power to the corrosion resistance where it will make the metal free from the corrosion. These types of the graded aluminium bronze are widely manufactured and exported to the countries in the world wide because of its demand, application usage and benefits provided by the metal.

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