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Choose the manufacturers that provide you with the supreme quality of Brass C2680 Plates along with all the important specifications and dimensions that you require. The delivery time and technique of packing of these plates must be feasible to you. These plates are used in a number of industrial applications due to their versatile properties and uses. These plates come with ASTM B280, 12735-1 and all the other international standards have different tempers such as soft, M soft, ¼ hard, ½ hard, Y2, Y4, T ultra hard, Y hard and so on. The range of the thickness, width and length of these plates are from 0.1 mm to 150 mm, 600 to 3000 mm and 2000.0 / 2500.0 mm respectively.


These plates come in very effective and efficient packaging to make sure that the product reaches its clients in the same form it left the factory.  The average delivery time of this Brass C2680 Sheets is normally 20 to 35 days. You can also get them in different surface finish like electro plating, polished and bright surface, hot dip in plating, and strip with the protective coatings, oil free surface and so on.

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