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Stud bolts are units consisting of threads at both ends. These are the ones which are usually referred to as studs. These can be used with just a pair of washers and nuts and these are more than enough to complete a perfect jointing bolt. The Brass C27000 Stud bolts usually are being manufactured in various sizes and also in various international standards in order to go hand-in-hand with the industrial requirements. Usually, these are manufactured as per ISO and DIN standards.  With the help of these fasteners, we can make varieties such as hex bolts, slotted screws, heavy hex nuts, spring washers and many more.  The alloy of C27000 is being produced by two different methods namely cold forged or hot forged. These are being produced in imperial and metric sizes as well. There are different specifications for these fasteners such as ASTM B16, ASTM B36, ASTMB121, ASSTM B927. The chemical compositions of these fasteners are that it consists of 65% copper, 35% zinc, 0.10% lead, 0.070% iron. This fastener has a tensile strength of about 370-650 MPa. The elongation property of the fastener is 53%.

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