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Do you want to buy the screws which are designed from good metals? If yes, then you can straightly choose Brass C27200 Screw because it is easy to maintain, carry as well as install. It is designed from the mixture of both pure metals- copper and zinc. Both of these metals are right and ideal for use in various industrial applications. With the help of advanced technologies as well as machinery, it is built by the professional and its specifications are mostly assured by international or national standards.


It comes in temper such as Y hard, ¼ hard, T ultra hard or soft and R hot rolling. The thickness of it is from 1 – 50 mm while the width it covers up from 600 to 300 m. it covers up length is from 2000.0 – 2500 mm.




Brass C27200 Screw is packed using plastic end caps for covering its corners, in the shrinking-packed bag and into wooden or cardboard boxes later on. It is provided to the clients with safety and without any cuts. The name of the company (from where the screw is manufactured) is also marked on its packaging.


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