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The Brass C27200 washer are offering an outstanding brass sheets that had been fabricated by making use of supreme quality of machinery. This had been used for the numerous of industrial applications. They would offer you a robust quality of brass sheets that too with the reasonable prices across all over the world. When you make use of it then you don’t want to feel for any corrosion because it is made up of brass.


The properties of the Brass C27200 washer would include the six common variations and each one would have its own unique specific size and shape. It contains the wrought brasses that would be suited for top, then the copper alloys that are in the middle and the entire database that would be suited in bottom. With its support you can able to construct anything strong. For fittings you can make use of the extra hard like Annealed C27200, extra hard C27200 brass, full hard C27200, half hard, hard drawn and quarter hard so that it can able to withhold heavy weight and keep it strong.

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