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The Brass C27400 Stud Bolts are also sometimes called as yellow brass due to their appearance. The stud bolts have 63% copper, 0.09% lead and the rest is zinc. This material has an annealing temperature in the range of 800 F to 1300 F. They are known for their electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, moderate strength and cold workability.



Similar to other brass alloys these stud bolts are preferred in application requiring high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. These alloys also possess excellent resistance to corrosion. They are widely used in various industrial applications such as in cold headed parts due to their high thermal and electrical conductivity. They are also frequently found to be used in plumbing parts like the fasteners in trap tube due to their mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion. Similar to other brass stud bolts, these stud bolts are used for architectural applications because of their antique looks. These stud bolts are generally manufactured according to national and international standards. They are delivered in hot forged or cold forged condition as requested by the customers.

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