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You would think for a while at present there are lots of material washers are present and why actually Brass C27400 washer? It is because the brass is an alloy that had been made up of with two different strong metals as like copper and zinc. This application had also been widely used in the different applications and it has an excellent choice that had been used in the many different places. It is actually formed when the cold and hot forged method that too in the both metric and imperial sizes.


Even you can get the Brass C27400 washer in the different colors. For decoration purpose you can use the yellow brass washers along with the household faucets screw and bolts that can be used for the doors and cabinets. As like yellow brass the red brass had also been used for constructing the musical instruments. The slide tubes and other horns bells components are also had been made by using this brass. Many types of tubing as like the plumping and appliance parts also had been made by these brasses.

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