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If you want to know about the Brass C36000 Fasteners then this article will be helpful to you.  You will get all the information regarding brass fasteners. If you want to buy the screw product C36000 grade then this product is very useful for all industrial applications.   Alloy C36000 Fasteners are produced by hot and cold forged methods in both imperial and metric sizes. This brass fastener has superior machinability, thread rolling and knurling characteristics.


 Specifications of Brass C36000 Fasteners -

This Brass C36000 Fasteners is designed with the accordance with national as well as international standards and has ASTM/ ASME. These C36000 Fasteners are manufactured as per DIN and ISO standards.  These screws product comes in many types such as hex screws, machine screw, split lock spring washers, thin jams nuts etc. This fastener product is tested under various physical and chemical tests and is verified by the third-party inspection team. Before you buy this product thoroughly read this article check whether the faster product is certified by industry norms and has approved by government laboratory and certification. This is all about the Brass C36000 Fasteners and its features.

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