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The raw material of Brass C36000 Stud Bolts is classified as non-ferous alloys. These stud bolts are widely used in industrial applications due to their high strength, corrosion resistance, conductivity and antimicrobial properties. The brass alloy fasteners contain zinc, which increases the overall strength and they also contain lead in trace amounts.



They are popularly used for their appearance, corrosion resistance, friction and wear properties and mechanical properties like ductility. They exhibit excellent resistance to alkali solutions such as aluminium hydroxide, lime and magnesium hydroxide. They are resistant to corrosion in most gas environments like ammonia, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon- di-oxide and also in the presence of halogen gas in other gas media. They do a brilliant job in most organic solvents like ethyl acetate and butyl alcohol. These stud bolts are used in architectural applications for purposes due to their shiny finish antique looks. They are typically used in automotive industry for thermostat parts, fluid connectors and builders hardware components and many other industrial uses. These stud bolts are available in hot forged, cold forged conditions depending upon the client’s requirement.

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