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The Brass C37710 Stud Bolts contain maximum amount of copper of up to 60%, lead 1-3% and the remaining is zinc.  The addition of zinc increases the strength of the material though it might affect the corrosion resistance properties. This alloy exhibit similar characteristics as of its counterparts in brass alloy series. These stud bolts are popularly used in various industrial applications due to their high strength, corrosion resistance, conductivity and anti microbial properties.



They exhibit excellent corrosion resistance to various organic acids and alkali solutions alike. They are often used in agricultural industry for spray tank components due to their superior resistance to organic solvents. Frequently found to be used in automobile industry due to their high thermal conductivity so minimum amount of energy is lost in the heat generation process. They are also widely used to fasten electrical component parts because of their excellent electrical conductivity. Similar to other brass alloys they are also used for decorative purposes for their shine and looks. They tend to be long term solution for manufactures because of their wear and tear property. As they do not corrode or wear off easily due to friction.


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