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CA 377

These days’ forged fittings are used in a large way. There are various kinds of forged fittings are available. But most of the people prefer to buy Brass CA 377 Forged Fittings . It becomes the first choice of engineers and constructors. It has best grads and superior quality. If you have to use forged forgings then you should have to use these fittings once. If you use it then you can easily know about its features and properties. It has best features and properties so you don’t have to any complaint to use it. It has limitless features such as weldability, perfect designs, shapes and much more things.


Following are the specification of Brass CA 377 Forged Fittings :


The specification of these fittings is CuZn37. It has come in so many sizes such as 14'' x 48'' (356 mm x 1220 mm) and much more. These fittings also have temper such as quarter harder, soft annealed, half hard, spring hard, extra hard and much more. The widths of these fittings are Max up to 19'' (482.6mm). The lengths of these fittings are Max up to 53'' (1346.2mm).

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