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The Carbon Steel A105 Flanges are the most commonly used grade of Carbon steel flanges and fittings that are used in the industry. They offer excellent service in ambient temperatures. These Flanges are used for piping systems in a variety of industries because of their ability to resist high-pressure systems very easily. These Flanges are carbon-based, which helps in improving their tensile strength, resulting in an enhanced hardness. These Carbon Steel A105 Flanges and fittings also offer high resistivity against oxidation in a range of different temperatures and environments. They are generally used for application in high-temperature conditions because of their ability to perform well even in high heat.

The Carbon Steel A105 Flanges are typically heavy weighted. Hence, they are used in applications where weight is not a factor. The Heavyweight also helps these flanges for applications in high-stress environments. The High strength of the Carbon steel A105 Flanges and fittings makes them reliable for long period applications. They are used in various industrial sectors such as Oil Industries and Gas industries. Power Plant Industries also use these Carbon steel A105 Flanges and fittings. They are also widely used in industries such as petrochemical, Specialty Chemical and Chemical processing industries for pressure piping systems


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