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Are you in need of something that can easily help you in filtering particles from liquid? If the answer is yes, then carbon steel A105 PTFE strainer is the right option for you. Yes, these are carbon steel strainers that are manufactured in accordance with the international and national standard and specifications. These strainers are considered best and suitable for medium pipelines and often installed in relief valves, pressure valves, and other inlet equipment. These strainers are basically used for removing the solid particles and other impurities so as to protect the valves. These strainers are also used in oil, gas and water transportation.


The size of this stainless steel A105 PTFE strainer is 50 DN to 300 DN and designed with specific fluid gravity. Furthermore, these strainers are made using carbon steel; therefore, these strainers acquire high strength, durability and corrosion resistance properties. You can get these carbon steel products in a wide variety and in different shapes and sizes as per your requirement and demand from any of the reputable manufacturer. Thus, we can say that these strainers are best for transportation of fluid while removing particles and other solid substance from it.

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