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A333 Gr 7

It is well known by the users of pipes that ASTM A334 grade pipes are covering both walls seamless and welded carbon. Alloy steel tubes are intended for low temperature surrounding usage.  The Carbon steel A334 GR.7 tubing is manufactured by using welding and seamless technique along with no filler metal additions into the welding functions. All welded and seamless tubes must be very well treated for the microstructure controlling. Various kinds of testing like nondestructive electric testing, tensile test, hydrostatic test, impact test must be made necessarily accordance to the specific application requirements.

The Carbon steel A334 GR.7 tubing standard is easily covering the welded and seamless steel tubes for the lower temperature services. The GR.7 steel tubes minimum impact test temperature is 45?C. The size range of tube is 4” to 26”. The schedule of tubes is 20, 30, 40, XH, STD, XXH, 140, 100, 120, 160, 80 and heavier on the client requests. The type of pipe available is ERW, fabricated, CDW and welded. Forms are hydraulic, U-shape, round, square, rectangular, coiled, pan cake etc. The ends are treaded, beveled and plain end. The protection is given through plastic caps on its ends. The length is single/double random and as per the demand.

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