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AISI 1018

The Carbon Steel AISI 1018 Channels comes with the excellent welding ability and it produces the harder and uniform case which is considered as best steel for the carburized parts. They offer best balance of the ductility, strength, toughness and good balance. It comes with the high mechanical properties. They include the improved machining features and complete hardness. Some of the specific controls manufacturing are used for preparing surface, the composition of chemicals, heating and rolling process. All of these processes are known for developing the supreme product in terms of quality and are best suited for the fabrication processes as heat treatment, cold drawing, machining, drilling, forging, welding and more.


Welding process

The machinability of the Carbon Steel AISI 1018 Channels is graded at around 78% of the B1112. It can be welded instantly by all conventional welding process. The welding is not at all recommended when it is carburized or carbonnitrided. The low carbon electrodes of welding are used in procedure of welding and the pre-heating or post heating is not necessary. This pre-heating can also be formed for the sections in over around 50mm.

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