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Copper is known to be the best conductor of electricity and is used all over the world in electricity and power generation industries. However, apart from this they have various other uses and applications.  The copper plates and sheets are in great demand in not only industries but also in domestic sector and they can be applied to places like in refrigerators, oil cooler pipes, water pipes, air conditioners etc. The copper plates of this grade are said to have high strength and durability. They have low maintenance requirements that end up in low cost and carry a good formability as well. Having Copper C1220 Plates for your use can turn out to be most economical for you.


Though the range of thickness and length, width of these plates can range from 0.1 mm to 200 mm but they can also be custom made for you as per your demand. You can get this plate in different surface polish like mill, oiled, mirror, hair line, polished, sand blast or as required by the client. The delivery is made as per the quantity of order and you will receive in best packed manner.

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