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The specification of Copper nickel 70/30 bolts is ASME SB 151 and ASTM B 151. The bolts standard specification is including all international standards and BS, ASTM and DIN. In length is available in market 3mm – 70/30mm. The size of these grades bolts ranges from 3/6” – 2” and also customized sizes.  The types of bolts produced and sold are lag bolts, hex head bolts, T bolts, countersunk bolts, square bolts, eye bolts, U bolts etc.


The production testing certification is provided with EN 10204/3.1B. Also, the producers are providing 100% radiography test record report, report of third party inspection record and raw material certifications. Before dispatching of the Copper nickel 70/30 bolts, various testing is done. These are intergranular corrosion testing, hardness testing, PMI testing, mechanical and chemical test, pitting resistance test, flattening and flaring test etc.


The documentation that is provided to buyers is product packaging list, quality assurance testing, fumigation certificates, record of material traceability, chart of heat treatment, lab test record that is NABL approved and the specification of welding process etc. All these testing, documentation is making the buyers of product copper nickel 70/30 bolts ensure that it is of excellent quality only.

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