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The Copper-Nickel 70-30 Flanges offer high oxidation resistance and Thermal stability even at elevated temperatures. They offer excellent oxidation resistance against moist air and steam. They also offer high strength and are capable of maintaining their strength at high temperatures. These are also very good at resisting corrosion against a lot of corrosive media. They are capable enough to bear the temperatures ranging between 927°C and 1038°C. The Copper-Nickel 70-30 Flanges exhibit high fabric-ability and high resistivity against biofouling, which makes them ideal for Under-water piping systems. Resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking makes these flanges to be in application in conditions where stainless steel is not recommended.

The Copper-Nickel 70-30 Flanges are very popular for application in environments where high resistivity against oxidation is required. The Nickel content in these flanges makes them suitable for applications in high-temperature applications. These Cupronickel 70-30 Flanges are used in a wide array of industries for manufacturing equipment such as Desalination units, Heat exchangers and Heat condensers. They are immensely used in Seawater piping systems. They are also used in the Automobile industry for the manufacturing of Engine cooling systems. They are also used for pipework in a variety of chemical plants


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