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The valves found in machines are similar to the valves present in the human heart in terms of functionality. Valves are basically devices that maintain or regulate the flow of fluids or other material in one particular direction only. It does not allow backflow and ensures streamline flow to a large extent. Copper Nickel 70/30 Valves are those which are made up of the copper nickel 70/30 alloy.


Properties and characteristics of copper nickel 70/30 valves:

  • They have very high tensile strength and encounter a 45 percent increase in their length at breaking point.
  • They have a Poisson’s ratio of around 0.34
  • They undergo a series of processes including annealing, cold working, hot working, welding and forging before they are used.
  • They have a machinability of 20 percent.

Copper nickel 70/30 valves are corrosion resistant. Hence they are used as a substitution to stainless steel valves in many cases, which are comparatively less resistant to corrosion.


Application of copper nickel 70/30 valves:

  • These valves are used in machines involved in desalination activities.
  • Fish cages for aquaculture employ these valves.
  • Heat exchangers and condensers involve the use of copper nickel 70/30 valves.
  • Tubes for power plants use these valves go maintain uni-directional flow of fluids.

The copper nickel 70/30 alloy is mainly used in machines that work on sea water, that contain a high percentage of salinity. They are thermally stable to a large extent as well.

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