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The specifications of Copper nickel 90/10 forged fittings ½” IN NB to 12”NB IN and OD. The classes available are 9000 LBS, 2000LBS, 3000LBS, and 6000LBS. The type of classes available is screwed- BSPT, NPT and BSP and socket weld.  The forms of these grade fittings are union, tee, elbow, nipple, adapter, cap, hex, bushing, plug etc. The material is Cu-NI 90/10 fittings 70600 (09:10).  These are used widely for various purposes. The reason why it has become highly popular is that of its efficiency and durability. These fittings are conforming to national and international standard product quality.


Testing and documentation-


As you know that for meeting the desired needs of all the various kinds of applications testing of Copper nickel 90/10 threaded forged fittings becomes essential. Various kinds of testing are done like flattening test, flaring test, hardness test, macro and micro testing, IGC test etc. also the producers are providing various documentations like raw material test record, radiography test record, third-party investigation etc. The testing and documentation assure buyers that the manufacturers are effective in their production process so that all buyers get satisfied with its uses.

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