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Searching for the tube which is manufactured from the high-quality raw material? Then Copper Nickel 90/10 tubing is the best choice. This pipe is designed as per the standard of the international and national terms which gives fine and smooth shape to the finished product. Basically, these types of pipes are used in the marine industries. These pipes are also available now in the custom-made design, size or shapes. That means anyone can buy it according to the need of it.

Look on its specifications

The size in which this tube is available in the industrial market is ½-6 IN and it goes with the OD and NB IN several of SWG and SCH.  Talking about the outer diameter is of 4.00 mm to 22.00mm.  The thickness of wall falls between 0.15 to 1.50mm whereas the length is also available according to the need of the client.  Length can vary as per the need. The manufacturer of these kinds of pipes or of Copper Nickel 90/10 seamless tubing takes care of very small things because their small mistake can reduce the quality of the pipe which they are making. 

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