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DIN 2.0882

The Bolt Copper Nickel DIN 2.0882 is designing to meet the various industry norms and standard. If you are looking for Cu-Ni bolt then it is the right choice for you. This bolt is used in various industrial applications like condenser, heat exchange, distiller tubes and many more. This bolt is suitable for high pressure and temperature condition, and it is mostly used in marine applications and parts of auto components. This is available in hex bolts, U bolts, coupling bolts and many other forms. This bolt has many features like high strength, long service life, durability and more.


This bolt is available in customized length 3mm to 200mm and has size M3 to M56 and it is also available in custom-made dimension. This bolt product is packed in wooden case or pallets to avoid the damage. Before delivery end product to the client, this bolt is subjected to various tests like hardness test, radiography test and more to ensure the product quality. It is easily available in cost-effective market price at any reliable market vendor online and offline you can this bolt.




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