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DIN 2.0882

Copper nickel DIN 2.0882flanges are used for the attachment of pipes end to make a tight connection. They are basically external or internal ridges that are strong enough to connect heavy pipes of any diameter. The assembly and disassembly of any kind of flanges is not difficult as they are manufactured in such a way that allows easy connection and disconnection. Specifications, standards and dimensions of these flanges are decided according to the applications. An international organization defines these guidelines.


 You may have seen flanges of titanium and nickel alloy but today we will talk about those made of copper nickel. If we talk why copper nickel, then the most convenience reason is its strong resistance towards seawater which prevent the surface of flanges from corrosion. Therefore, they are widely used in shipbuilding and marine industries as a connector. Another common reason to use it is the high resistance to cracking due to stress in seawater. Copper nickel DIN 2.0882flanges also offer strong pitting resistance and ease in fabrication and welding.


Due to these advantages of copper nickel they are used in oil refineries, chemical process industries, desalination plants and many offshore navy projects.

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