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DIN 2.0882

The manufacturer provides the wide variety of copper nickel din 2.0882 pipe fittings, these can show high corrosion resistance in pollutant or stagnant seawater when sulfide, ammonia and other are present.  Copper and nickel together have a simple structure; these are ductile and readily fabricated. These pipe fitting have different properties like corrosion, abrasion resistance and stress cracking’s at elevated temperatures.


Product details-


The manufacturer performs various quality assurance tests before dispatching them to customers. Some of the tests are the mechanical test, chemical test, positive material test, intergranular corrosion test, radiographic test, flattening test and finalize by third-party inspection. ASTM F1387 standard considers while processing these pipe fittings. UNS C71500 material grade is used for making pipe fittings. These are available in different various standard dimensions vary from ¼” to 2” OD and other custom sizes. Seamless, fabricated, welded are types of pipe fittings.


With the advancement of machinery these pipe fittings posses’ high dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Copper nickel din 2.0882 pipe fittings are pack in wooden crates or boxes so none of the pipe fittings damaged at the time of exporting. So what are you waiting for- place your order for pipe fittings!

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