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DIN 2.0882

Copper Nickel DIN 2.0882 Tubing is made up from the stable blend of nickel and copper. This high-performance alloy is known for its thermal conductivity, superior strength, good ductility and more. These tubes offer excellent resistance in the face of harsh chemicals such as sulfides, chlorides, alkalies, and other acids. Especially, it is resistant to corrosion in adverse environments. 


These tubes are processed from the top-notch raw materials. The grade is nonmagnetic in nature. Apart from this, these are treated with the annealing process to get the desired dimensions and uniform design. However, performing these manufacturing errors is eliminated and the structure gets sturdier.


In order to provide oxidation resistance, these are coated with SATIN and bright black polish. Also, these are finished with the industrial grinding process.


The manufacturers deliver these tubing in standard packing to avoid damages while exporting. Wooden boxes, cases, crates, and pallets one can choose as per their suitability. Moreover packing is covered by a plastic wrap that prevents oxidations.


Copper Nickel DIN 2.0882 Tubing is long lasting tubing; get them from online offline stores at most reasonable prices.

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